Acne Scars

Acne inflammation may damage deeper skin tissue (dermis layer of the skin) leading to acne scar formation. As opposed to acne marks that only affect the pigmentation of the skin, untreated acne scars can cause permanent damage. Acne scars can be qualified into two main groups: depressed and raised acne scars.

Depressed scars can be simplistically categorised into three different types of scars. The first is ice pick scars that are characterised by narrow and deep scars. The second is box car scars which are shallow and wide scars. The third is rolling scars in which the skin has rounded, sloping edges.

Raised acne scars are also known as keloids or hypertrophic scars. Raised acne scars often look like lumps on the skin. It is caused when inflammation stimulates excessive collagen production.

Depressed scars can be improved with techniques such as sub-cision and fractional laser treatment., Hypertrophic raised scars which develop often on the chest, back, neck, and chin can be treated with steroid injections or laser therapy to resurface your skin. These are just some of the acne laser treatments available in Singapore to help reduce or eliminate acne scars.